“Tina is a wealth of knowledge and has such a big heart. She is all about seeing each of us succeed. The feedback on our assignments is so important, I’m very confident about what I’m learning.” - Belita Lynum

“Meeting Tina has been life-changing. Tina gave me insight into my business and has given me a path I can follow. That’s something I didn’t even know I could do, so thank you!” - Libby Aguigui Nau

"I am from the Dominican Republic. And I’ve had a life changing experience with Tina Lorenz. Tina’s spirit and authenticity came through. I could feel her just guiding me and calling to me. All of a sudden, I have direction. Don’t even think about it. This is what you need to do." - Esther R.

I am following Tina's steps and am seeing AMAZING results! Got my first client AND had then pay in full in advance. Tina Lorenz where have you been all my life? I am so beyond grateful for your course, coaching, classy approach, and encouraging words." - Suzi F.

The blessings that have come into my life by being in Tina’s presence are profound. Not only has she helped me grow my copywriting business by the practical strategies and the marketing, she has also helped me grow as a person as far as mindset and helping spiritual entrepreneurs." - Stacia G.

“This is absolutely the best money I have ever spent on training. Tina is always present, she is always interactive, she is doing weekly Q&A’s, she is just incredible. The feedback she gave was better than any college course I ever purchased. It’s just such a blessing.” - Christene Jackson