Disclaimer & Refund Policy

Updated August 20, 2020

I have gone the extra mile to build out programs and trainings that include all the strategies, tactics, mindset training, and spiritual practices I’ve used, to build a foundation of success for my students and mentees.


I have also provided case studies, comments, and endorsements from students and clients I have personally trained and worked with. However, this in no way implies that every student will have similar success, or any success at all.


Just as any institution of higher education does not guarantee or promise a job or specific levels of income or success, my programs do not guarantee this either. Students enrolled in Authentic Copy™, Bio Builder Secrets™, the Accelerated Entrepreneur™, Divine Money School™, or the Divine Equation™ are not guaranteed success or revenue simply by completing the trainings.


Before enrolling in any of these courses, students acknowledge and agree that any success or income is solely dependent on their understanding of the materials, and even more importantly, the consistent application of the methods, strategies, content, and material as presented and outlined in any of the courses.


Not being willing to take action, lack of initiative or personal affinity, or reluctance to put in consistent effort to implement the training is not the responsibility or fault of the previously mentioned programs or Tina Lorenz.


Students also understand that in no way am I responsible for finding clients for them, guaranteeing referral to potential clients, or in any other way creating a business for them. This is completely up to each individual to take what you have learned and apply it on your own behalf.


Therefore, all students and mentees who enroll acknowledge this fact and agree that securing clients, projects, and ongoing sources of income is solely their responsibility.


You have my commitment to delivering consistently high levels of training that can give you all the potential to create your own success, but nobody can do it for you. You must take the necessary action yourself.




Authentic Copy™, Bio Builder Secrets™, the Accelerated Entrepreneur™, Divine Money School™, or the Divine Equation™ are copyrighted programs and courses in which you enroll that impart a high level of detailed training.


They are not like products you purchase, experiment with or use, and then return because you’ve decided not to pursue the content after all, or it didn’t fit.


Please be aware that all of these programs are born out of my intellectual property and considerable real-world experience and are delivered in digital format. This means that after access is granted to the copyrighted materials, there are no refunds of tuition fees for any reason.


Similar to any institute of higher education, specialized training programs, or services rendered, one cannot request a refund because they have changed their mind, decided they didn’t have time, or neglected to implement the strategies and skills they have learned.


The expertise and experience I bring to each of my students is garnered from more than

two decades of success in the specialties of freelance copywriting, marketing, and mindset. My track record proves that if what I teach is implemented, you have all the potential to create a level of revenue that is many times past the original investment.


There are numerous examples of student success right here.


In addition, I only want to work with individuals who are committed to their own success and are called to this work. Perhaps you even feel you were directed here and have found the answer you’ve been looking for. The work we do is impactful, important, even transformational. And together we help create a better world through our authenticity, integrity, and commitment to those we serve.


I support you in this process in numerous ways, hold you as powerful, and believe in your ability to create your own success! When you enroll, you are making a commitment to this process, and to yourself. If you’re not ready to take action and honor that commitment, don’t enroll in my programs.


Your enrollment in any of these programs indicates your compliance and agreement with these policies.


To your success,


Tina Lorenz

Copyright 2020 Tina Lorenz