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Even if you’ve never been paid to write anything before, you can quickly learn to provide an in-demand service. THIS is how you do it…





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Recently Tina took questions from past Bio Builder Secrets Students and answered them live!


She also critiqued some LinkedIn Bios which will help you get a good idea on what makes up a great LinkedIn Bio. 


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LinkedIn has over 875 million users in over 200 countries

The funny thing is, it is often overlooked as a serious contender for making money online. Which is why it’s even better for YOU when you scoop up all the revenue waiting for you by providing ONE simple but essential service for other LinkedIn users.


You can make as much as $500 an hour, even as a beginner, once you know HOW to turn a boring Bio into a compelling message for your clients.


And the best part?

It’s Not Hard To Learn, 

And It’s Definitely Not Hard To Do!

In fact, if you dive right into Bio Builder Secrets, you have the potential to make your training investment back in the very first week!


Then it’s all profit in your pocket.


I’ll give you the exact details in a minute, but first I want to tell you how this all came about.


Not long ago, I interviewed my former Authentic Copy student, Julie Eason for my blog.

The blog was all about the six-figure copywriter mindset, which I teach ALL my students.


Julie shared how using the skills she’d learned in my program, had been the beginning of her making incredible amounts of money online. 


She went on to talk about how she made the leap to charging $10,000 for a single sales letter, to where she is now with her 7-figure publishing business.


But here’s the thing…

She mentioned while she was still copywriting, she discovered how insanely profitable it was to write simple Bios for other business people on LinkedIn! 

This is exactly what Julie said about writing Bios for clients…


“This is a sweet niche, and I’m going to give it to you guys if anybody wants to grab this: writing bios for business people, 500 bucks. People paid it to me all day long. It’s like two or three paragraphs literally, but people cannot write about themselves. They have such a hard time writing about themselves. They will pay anybody to do a bio for them. They are like, please, just do it for me! It’s huge!” 


Can it really be this simple? YES! 

LinkedIn Could Be YOUR Ticket to 

Making Life-Changing Money Online!

Here’s why…

  • 41% of all millionaires use LinkedIn (That means there is money for YOU!) 

  • More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly (And they read the Bios!)

  • 91% of marketing execs say LinkedIn is the top place to find quality content. (YOU will create quality content to attract them to YOUR clients!)

Why Should You Care?


Because that means literally millions of eyeballs are on LinkedIn user Bios.

And that means...


LinkedIn Can Become Your Personal GOLDMINE!


Even if you’ve never written copy for anything else yet, you can quickly learn how to do this ONE specialized service…and make as much as $500 an hour.


It’s kinda like when you learned how to ride a bike or roller skate, and it became so automatic you could easily do it over and over again. Once you learn the main components of writing a few paragraphs for a LinkedIn profile, you can write them FAST! 


So, let me ask you…


How Many Bios Do YOU Want to Write a Day…a Week…a Month?


It’s super easy math. Set a goal for the kind of income you want to create for yourself, get started with Bio Builder Secrets immediately, and change your life! 


Of course, as always, I make no promises on exactly what YOU will make. You must be willing to put in the effort and promote yourself. I’ll show you exactly how to do that in the training.


When you do that, and as you gain skill specializing in LinkedIn bios, you can add on extra services, or even start writing About Me pages for client websites and blogs, by maximizing these same basic strategies. 


And as you grow your bio-writing repertoire, you also grow your profitability.

Does $100 to $500 an Hour Sound Good? 

Let’s Get Started!

Bio Builder Secrets is your step-by-step guide for creating original, compelling, and engaging LinkedIn profiles for your clients.


The entire training is created in an easy to follow blueprint, so you know exactly how to set up your own LinkedIn page, write your profile to attract “Bio Builder” clients, and start making connections quickly, so you can also start making money quickly. 


And when I say easy to follow, I’m not kidding! I’m not a techie at all, so I wanted this to be so easy even I could do it! That’s why you’ll have screenshot visuals like this, to guide you through each step.

Frankly, maybe there will be some parts that are SO simple you can move ahead rapidly. And that’s OK! You can go at your own pace. But you’ll never have to wonder what to do next, because it is literally created for you to follow as easily as possible.

Here's A Taste Of The "Blueprint To Success" You'll Get In Bio Builder Secrets...

PART ONE: Setting up a LinkedIn Account

  • Short-circuit confusion and get your own LinkedIn account set up quickly so you can be found. (If you already have one, be sure you go through this and make sure yours is polished to a high gloss!)

  • Exactly what information you need to include, and what you can skip, so you don’t waste time. (This will also keep you current with what is happening on LinkedIn NOW!)

  • The ONE element you MUST have to give you a 36X greater chance of being contacted by potential clients in LinkedIn. (Yes, this ONE thing makes that big of a difference!)

  • How to go mobile with LinkedIn so you never miss a golden opportunity to connect. (Easy-peasy but so powerful!) 

  • Clever “tweaks” for refining your LinkedIn Account for optimal effectiveness. (You’ll position yourself as an expert because you know what to do and what NOT to do!)

PART TWO: Writing Your Own LinkedIn Profile Summary

  • The FIVE things you must include in your LinkedIn Profile. Miss even one and you could become invisible and overlooked. (Don’t ignore these simple but essential elements!)

  • FOUR Clever Bio Builder Secrets to make your profile sparkle and stand out from the crowd so your prospects snap to attention and want to connect with you. (You’ll love how easy this is!)

  • SEVEN key points to ALWAYS weave into your profile to put you in your best light (You’ll use this to make clients shine too!)

  • FOUR things to never, ever include in your Profile if you want to prove you are relevant and current with your strategy! (These may surprise you! It’s not what you might think.)

  • The EIGHT-Step Power Formula to make every profile you write a winner people love to read and pay attention to! Once you have this under your belt, you’ll be churning out bios faster and faster. You can dial up your income at will!

PART THREE: Connecting With Clients

  • The smart way to get your very first client fast so you can start making money immediately! You could potentially nab your first client on the very first day you have your LinkedIn account set up.

  • How to structure your first offer and get paid BEFORE you write even one word for a client! This is how you build an iron-clad foundation for your new Bio Builder business! 

  • FOUR effective strategies for ramping up your LinkedIn presence to the “can’t ignore me” level, so you create even more ways for potential clients to find you. (HINT: They are all FREE! All you have to do is get busy and implement!)

  • How to leverage the power of LinkedIn to create constant visibility for your business, without breaking any rules, ticking people off, or accidentally spamming anybody.

  • Ninja techniques for finding exactly the right places to “hang out” on LinkedIn where you can start conversations that will bring you potential clients who are already interested in your services. (Do this the RIGHT way and you’ll have a steady stream of clients!) 

PART FOUR: Useful Software

  • The easiest way to communicate with your clients online and how to use it to your advantage. (Be sure you DO this! It will allow you to connect at an even deeper and more meaningful way with your clients!)

  • TWO online resources that are powerful but easy to use, to increase your effectiveness with your clients. (HINT: It really IS easy…if I can do it, so can you!)

  • Step-by-Step visual instructions for how to set up your FREE account and start using it. (Do this and your client Bio’s practically write themselves!)

  • Why using one free software helper is SO important to the ease and efficiency of your online business. These extras give the added professionalism that provides you a virtual jumpstart too. No newbie blues for you!

  • Why using email in your business will help you scale up even faster, and which email provider is super simple to learn. (This ONE thing is something often overlooked by new online entrepreneurs and can be the difference between an average business and a spectacular one!) 

PART FIVE: Writing Bios for Clients

  • How to become a marketing detective and easily gather juicy morsels of content from your clients so you can create original and compelling bios for them. (You’ll quickly realize how you can write Bios fast when you strategically use THEIR words!) 

  • FOUR points of clarity that will help keep you on track, so you always deliver the most effective Bios for your clients. (They will LOVE you for this, because they can finally be proud of their LinkedIn profile!)

  • The powerful FIVE Step path to make your client Bios dazzling and fresh, so they instantly connect with their ideal prospects and build their business. (This is literally like a blueprint for you! All you have to do is follow each step and you’ll have their Bio written.)

  • How to tap into the power of storytelling for your clients, so they stand out from their competition and create enhanced engagement through their Bio. (This is also part of the FUN of writing awesome LinkedIn Profiles (Bios) for your clients! They don’t know how to do it, but YOU will!)

  • Real examples of compelling LinkedIn Profiles you can model for success. (Remember, do NOT plagiarize anybody else’s Bio! Keep it real and authentic by following these examples as a roadmap for pacing and flow. Use words that apply to YOUR clients, and you’ll have a winning LinkedIn Profile!)


Fill-In-The-Blanks Bio Builder Roadmap To Success!

Wait. There’s MORE? Yep, and this is super cool! 


You’ll get a done-for-you Roadmap To Success for writing your Bios that will show you exactly what goes where, and how to get your creative juices flowing with proven headline formulas. 


You do your part with your client detective work and follow the “yellow brick road” with your Roadmap To Success…and you’ll have a winning combination. I’ll show you how to do ALL of it! 

You get ALL of this for only $247!

Oh hey, wait a minute. How about a fast-action discount? 


Because this is a brand-new program, and I’d like to get your feedback so I can make sure you have EVERYTHING you need, let’s smack your investment down to…


Yep, that sounds good to me. How about you? But…I’m only extending this huge discount for a limited time.


If You Pass On This Discount…

The Price Jumps Up To $247, No Exceptions.

I’m super excited about what this is going to mean for YOU and your life. If you’re serious about making money online, this is going to be life-changing for you.


But there’s one more thing…


Let me be very clear on this point. I only want you to do this if you are really ready to DO this.


I want you to....

…IF you are committed to taking action right away, and getting started writing amazing, lively, and effective bios for your LinkedIn clients. You WILL know how to do this when you go through the step-by-step training I’ve created for you.


But this won’t do you a bit of good if you download the training, and then let it sit gathering virtual dust on your computer. 


Because of that, and because this is a digital download (once you’ve got it, you’ve GOT it!) I want to be abundantly clear that there are NO refunds on Bio Builder Secrets. 


If you’re ready to begin making excellent money online, you’re about to get an incredible, detailed training covering every nut and bolt of how to start an online business writing LinkedIn Profiles (Bios) for your customers. 


It's fun, and you really can do it, just like these new copywriters have...

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now…

And I’m serious about the RIGHT NOW part…because when you click on the button below right now and order securely online for instant access…you’ll get a $50 discount!

But here’s the thing…


This discount won't be available forever. When I decided to shut it down your $50 discount disappears, and your investment jumps to $247. 


That’s STILL an incredible bargain, but why pay full price if you can save a hundred bucks right now? 


Plus, fast action on your part is a tremendous indicator of your success potential. Those who lag behind hemming and hawing rarely do anything except more of the same.


But that’s not you. If you’ve come this far, YOU are a decision maker and action taker.

Alrighty then! Can’t wait to hear about your success! 


Oh, and just in case you wonder what it’s like to learn from me? Here you go…

  • I just want to take a minute and brag on the incredible Tina Lorenz. She helped me sharpen up my bio and it really changed a ton in my business. It allowed me to be super clear about what product and service I wanted to offer my clients, plus it was versatile enough to land Podcast interviews, Summit opportunities and other retreat and speaking opportunities. 


    It has been such a pivotal part of my business. So, if you're considering learning from Tina you are absolutely in the right place. It changed everything for me to be able to have a very clear, sharp message about who I am and why I do what I do. She is amazing. Tina thank you for everything!


    Kaci Brown

    Atlanta, GA

  • “Tina has a Midas touch when it comes to helping you discover your genius! Thank you for being an inspiration to me.” 💜 


    Olga Fomenko 

    Laurel, Maryland

  • I dove into Authentic Copy right away watching Tina's videos and studying the material. I quickly gained the confidence I needed to put myself out there and I landed my first paid client in less than a month! Now I know it's really possible to learn to become a copywriter, in a short amount of time. Just follow the program and don't stop, literally anyone can do it!

    Elizabeth McGee

    Barrington, NH

  • After toiling and toiling with my copy, Tina came in and within minutes she brought brilliance to the page. She helped me to express myself in a way that was much better than anything I could have come up with alone. She truly listens to her clients and finds effective solutions to competitive copywriting situations. If you are looking for a professional copywriter, look no further than Tina Lorenz. She truly is the "Queen of Copy".  


    Wendi Schenkel

    CareMore Nutrition

I put my heart and soul into mentoring, teaching, and providing value to those I serve. 


You can be assured that the same care I put into every one of my programs, has gone into the creation of the comprehensive training you’ll receive in Bio Builder Secrets because…


I Want YOU To Succeed!


Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Little hinges swing big doors.”


Taking this one step could open the door to a bright new future for you. 


This is one of those moments where a small investment and dedicated effort on your part can become the “hinge” to your exciting journey to a new way of life.


Right this very moment you can…

  • Catch the vision of what is possible…

  • Enjoy the freedom to work when and where you want…

  • Create an income beyond anything you may have known before…

There's Pure GOLD Waiting For You In Bio Builder Secrets!

All You Have To Do Is DECIDE And DO

To your Bio Builder success,

PS: This is YOUR time! 


Grab Bio Builder Secrets right now at the best price. 








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