Discover A Simple Structured Strategy for Turning Your Love of Writing Into a Thriving Business as a Successful Freelance Copywriter




Are you discouraged and frustrated because you’re struggling to realize your dream of working from home while others appear to be thriving?  


The difference between you and “them” is NOT past experience, not “luck,” not piles of degrees, not geographic location, not age, not even personality. The difference is having the “missing links” to one of the most profitable skills for making money online only a few have ever been exposed to.


And it’s the difference to enjoying increased self-confidence, fulfilled expectations, and making the kind of money you’ve been told was possible working from home.


Read on, because it’s amazing what can happen in only 30 days.



Dear Budding Copywriter, 


Whether you’re someone who hasn’t quite managed to find your true path (yet!), or someone who has already achieved great success in other areas of your life, you’ve come to the right place.


The fact that you’re here right now tells me you are perched on the brink of an exciting chapter, one that centers around being extremely successful as a well-paid copywriter.


I understand exactly how you may be feeling right now because I started from absolute zero and was able to become a successful copywriter much later in life than you might think possible.


I’ll tell you more about this in a minute…


But before I do, I want to reinforce why you’re in exactly the right place to begin your work-at-home journey and why this opportunity is legitimately different… 

First of all, I’m going to teach you exactly what copywriting is all about. I’ll make sure it is entirely clear what all is involved. And I'll make it simple!


Second, you’re here! Clearly, you’ve already taken decisive action and are committed to investing some of your precious time to see what’s possible. I take that very seriously and will make sure it’s worth your while.


Third, you’re in a safe place with someone who truly cares about your success and believes it is entirely possible for you. I predict you’ll soon be able to picture living the life you’ve always dreamed of.


And fourth, we very likely have something in common—or you wouldn’t be here right now.


We both believe we are capable of MORE—that there’s more to life than just surviving, tolerating, or enduring.


You and I believe we have more to offer than that, and life is far too short to waste hoping, waiting, and settling for less.


Perhaps you’ve been thinking about how perfect it would be if you could find a way to reliably make money from home and never have to worry about calling someone else your boss again. As in…never, ever.

But maybe your next thought is this…

“How do I get there?”


And maybe your immediate NEXT thought is…


“I’m afraid I’m running out of time, or it’s beyond reach…”


And it’s a fact. We are all churning through our lives, blessed to be alive but also acutely aware that the time is NOW. Not next week, next month, or next year. 


Perhaps you’d love to find a way to start an online business. That extra income would be so great, even if it just makes your car payment or mortgage, right?


But here’s a thought: What if it could be even more than that?


What if you could actually figure out how to work towards a BIGGER goal, like never having to worry about how to make ends meet or make up for the vast empty space that is your future retirement income?


And what if you could actually have serious FUN doing it?


Totally doable, and I’m talking soon, not sometime around the 12th of Never. Naturally, you need to be willing to put in the effort and do the work. We’re not talking magical fairy dust here.


So let me ask you this.

Do you really have time to figure it out on your own?


Listen, I know all about that “too late” feeling! I’m a classic late bloomer myself. I didn’t figure out this whole online business thing until my kids were grown and on their own, and I’d been through a few pretty rough rodeos of life.


I jumped into action when some folks are already retiring and went on to crack six figures my very first year online. And it’s just kept growing from there.


One of my greatest joys along the way has been teaching others how they can do it too.


And the fact that you’re here right this very minute leads me to believe this could be the right place for you to plant your flag and make your stand. I can help you do that, just like I’ve done for hundreds of others for more than a decade.

Your confusion is about to be solved for you.


I’ll show you how you can tap into a proven, profitable skill that could be the answer you’ve been searching for.  


My goal is for you to learn exactly what copywriting is all about and what it takes for you to begin quickly, literally in as little as 30 days—without previous experience, without confusion about how to get started, without an expensive degree, and without having to break the bank to learn the skills you need. 


If you’re feeling a little (or even a lot!) uncertain about whether or not you can do this, I totally get it. 


I was there once too. I know how it feels to wonder if you’ve got what it takes.


So I’m also going to show you how your confidence will grow as you learn, just like mine did. And how to tap into the kind of powerful mindset that will carry you through, even if you don’t have it right now.


And I’ll introduce you to a way of selling with persuasive words that are positive, low-key, and authentic. You don’t have to go into sleaze mode or strong-arm anybody. In fact, quite the opposite.


There’s a way to become so inspired, so authentic, and so much in integrity with who you are at your core—that you can be ALL that and still make an excellent living online.


In fact, it’s part of the “secret sauce” that will allow you to rise above the “noise” of your competition, setting you apart as someone who has tremendous value to offer.


As you’ll soon realize, you’ll get all that and more in the Authentic Copy training.

I call it Authentic Copy: The Step-by-Step Guide For Learning Profitable Copywriting. because these are the strategies I’ve used to help my clients while making a fantastic living for myself too.

Quite simply, it’s the fastest, most comprehensive way to become an incredible copywriter.


Because while there are a handful of other copywriting courses out there teaching some of the nuts and bolts of copy, that’s not enough to help you understand how to get started with paying clients quickly or understand the REAL world of online marketing.


In fact, many try to get you to write for free to get started. No way!


Plus, they don’t consider how you’re going to get the right kind of clients and how to position yourself properly to own your time and expertise. I teach ALL of this.


That’s just one of many aspects you’ll discover that make this different and more effective.


You just may find you have a whole new vision for what’s possible—especially if you’ve ever felt like it’s too late for you to create a truly reliable business online.


So let’s dive in!

Here’s who this is for…

  • If you are on a mission to figure out a way to make a reliable income from home, even without any previous experience or a college degree…

  • With a skill that’s in constant demand and won’t become obsolete  

    (HINT: Because the entire online world depends on it!) 

  • In a way that allows you to begin quickly but at your own pace, with specific, easy-to-learn strategies your prospective clients actively are looking for… 

  • And you want to be able to work on YOUR terms, whether it’s part-time, full-time, from the comfort of your home, or anyplace you’d like to travel to… 

You’re in exactly the right place!


But let me also say this… 

  • If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick, overnight riches kind of deal, this isn’t for you. Yes, you can get started quickly as a copywriter if you’re willing to take action…but you’ll also grow into it. It takes time to get to the big leagues of copywriting, just like anything else that’s real and legit.

  • If it’s too much trouble to take the steps I’ll teach you to market yourself, this isn’t for you either. I deeply care about your success, and I want to give you everything you need. But I’m also very direct, and I don’t have time for whiners or complainers who think everything should be handed to them. 

  • If you think investing in a training—even a powerful one that’s proven to work—will somehow give you instant success without you putting the effort into it, you may as well leave now. You must be willing to learn and put in the work. 

I sincerely hope that’s clear because it’s best if we understand each other right from the start. I don’t want to waste your time, and I don’t want to waste mine either.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to why you’re here today…


If you’re looking for a way to create a work-at-home job for yourself and make a great living, I definitely recommend you look into becoming a copywriter.


If you want the freedom to experience lasting peace of mind—knowing you can work when and where you want—and ALWAYS be able to provide for yourself and your family…this is going to be eye-opening for you.




Because learning to be a copywriter and working from home online changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine when I first started. Which is why I know it can do the same for you.


I was on my own from the age of 17. I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional and abusive family situation. So I literally climbed out the bedroom window when I was only 17 and made my way to Seattle.


I wasn’t a street kid—I was determined to take care of myself and be responsible. So I went to court and got myself emancipated so I could legally make decisions—then I got a job at a university hospital as a unit clerk and rented a tiny studio apartment close to my work.


I worked hard but for very low pay. I remember times I literally only had plain rice or pasta for dinner. But I persevered.


I simply didn’t know how to think of anything BIGGER for myself than working in clerical or secretarial jobs. Maybe you feel like that sometimes too.


And then I experienced the most profoundly life-altering experience of my life when I met my very own homicidal psychopath.


It’s a long story I won’t go into today—but the bottom line was, I was extremely lucky to escape with my two children. We were left penniless, homeless, and almost lifeless too…it was devastating to say the least.


But I was determined to put our lives back together, and that’s exactly what I did.


Eventually, I met my current husband Ron. My first clue this might be my soul mate was that he was completely DIFFERENT than anyone else in my life up to that point. I allowed myself to give it a chance, and that was the key to a lifelong pattern of struggle being broken.















Maybe you can relate? Because when we allow ourselves to step into something new…something different and BETTER than we’ve experienced before, real growth can happen.


We had to figure out how to make a living from the first moment we met. We’d both had our share of life challenges, and we knew we had to rebuild together.


Together we figured out how to create an entirely new way of life. We literally began creating the BEST part of our lives. I want that “best part” for YOU too!


But we still had our challenges. For one thing, Ron was entering into a new chapter of vision loss. He became legally blind very shortly after we met. And eventually, my psychopath reemerged and actually began stalking us—which led to us beginning to travel in an RV to stay safe.


It’s funny how our richest blessings can emerge from the chaos—but again, this is also an issue of mindset. You have the ability to make a decision whether or not something is going to stop you…or empower you.

We chose empowerment, and you can too!


We found our way of doing mobile promotional tours for big ad agencies. 


But there was a great deal of grueling travel and setup involved. It was tough and demanding work. So we eventually quit and started traveling and selling our own physical products.


But we were still caught in the grind of arduous travel and tough physical setups for each event.


I still knew there had to be a better way.


Maybe you know the feeling…whether you’re trying to stay at home with your kids or dealing with a physical challenge of some kind…or facing retirement years with no money put aside…you’re trying to figure out how to create a reliable financial future, right?


That’s where I was at too. And that’s when…

I discovered copywriting!


I was online searching for ideas and stumbled across an article about copywriting.


I’m not even kidding when I say up to that point, I didn’t even know what copywriting was! But I suddenly knew, through and through—I could do it. I actually broke out in a sweat—I was so excited.


I ran to tell Ron,


”THIS is what I’m going to do now! I’m going to become a copywriter!”


It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life! And way later in life too.


I’m going to be very transparent with you because it’s important for you to realize that I really mean it when I say it’s never too late…


I was past 50 when I learned copywriting and began working online! Seriously!


I was totally nontechie—had been on my own since 17—had lost everything—had NO college degree—and somehow, I STILL did it!

That’s why I know what’s possible for YOU!


Here’s what you can expect to experience as a freelance copywriter:

To live where you want, work when you want, travel, have time off YOU get to decide on, and have all the time to spend on things that are important to you…like your family, your partner, your friends…anything at all.

How does never having to worry about money sound? Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, or have a physical challenge, you can create a strong and reliable financial foundation for yourself. Age doesn’t matter! You can do this for as long as you want.

Discovering your ability to turn highly sought-after skills into money while delivering value to your clients, creating a life you love, and finally stepping into your full power is exhilarating and rewarding. Your confidence will grow exponentially in this process. 

For yourself. From your clients. From your friends and family. This is how new doors will open for you as you deeply understand how far you’ve come in multiple areas of your life.

There’s simply nothing like it. Each day you live as you want to. You serve clients at the highest level. You are well rewarded financially for what you do. You have the time and energy to be fully present with your loved ones. Your gratitude for these rich blessings will multiply each day. 

The energy and happiness of becoming a highly respected professional is like balm for your soul and fuel for your spirit. Imagine being able to live each day in anticipation, smiling as you wrap up another client project and feel the powerful sense of fulfillment that comes with a job well done. This is priceless! 

  • Basic marketing strategy and...




  • writing the copy



OK, let’s continue!


In our case, I’m talking specifically about being a freelance copywriter, creating a thriving work-at-home business for yourself, even if your home has wheels or you’re in the tiniest town ever.


So the “copy” part is all those wonderful words. It’s everywhere you look and listen. And it’s not going away.


In fact, according to, 1.66 billion people purchased something online in the past year. And the e-commerce industry alone will be responsible for $2.8 TRILLION in sales in the coming year!


How’s that for job security?

And the writer part? Well, that could be YOU!


It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, or what your previous experience is.You can still do it.


Keep in mind, I’ve been at this for more than a decade. I’ve never made less than six figures a year—and usually much more. I don’t say this to brag but to show you it really IS possible.


That means you’re getting the straight scoop from someone who has been in the trenches doing exactly what I’m teaching YOU to do.

At this point you still might have some questions about whether or not copywriting would be a good fit. So let’s talk about it…

Here are the qualities you need to become a successful copywriter…

  • Enjoy writing, have a basic understanding of proper English grammar, sentence structure, and ability to proofread your work…

  • Willing to learn, curious, interested in marketing, and motivated to put yourself out there as a copywriter…

  • Able to do some basic research…

  • A computer, a phone, a printer, and a reliable internet connection…

Here’s what you do NOT need to become a successful copywriter:

  • Previous experience as a writer…

  • Any kind of college degree, certification, or special license…

  • Months or years of preparation and training before you can begin making money…

  • A big bank account so you can start your online business...

And here’s WHY you should go for it!

Copywriting is never going to go out of style. And it pays well!


Look around—listen—see what we are doing here together RIGHT NOW!


Copy is not only king, it’s queen too because the entire internet runs on copy!


From blogs that make you cry, to ads that make you laugh, to sales letters and emails that make you want to BUY—nothing goes anywhere online without the copy.


In an article in Forbes Magazine about five kinds of freelance work worth quitting your job for, copywriting was listed #1.


An article in Medium also lists copywriting as one of the most in-demand freelance skills for 2018 and beyond. In fact, they call it a “virtual freelancing goldmine,” and I’d have to agree!

Here’s What Can Happen When You

Leverage The Skills I’ll Teach You…

  • You discover you really CAN make money working on your terms by combining smart copy and current marketing strategies. I’ll guide you through the process step-by-step.

  • You realize your newly minted copywriting skills are enduring and scalable—in fact, now you can create the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of simply by stepping up and implementing what you’ve learned.

  • You have options! Make money serving clients by creating their marketing copy or boost your business to a higher level of effectiveness. It’s all about creating the marketing core and relationship—and I’ll show you how to get there.

  • You tap into hidden areas of your abilities you may never have realized you possess and discover it really is true—marketing is FUN!

  • The stress, confusion, and frustration of HOW to create a profitable business you love disappears. Instead, the “mystery” of writing marketing copy becomes an easy-to-understand, step-by-step blueprint you can easily follow AND monetize.

If you’re serious about creating a profitable business you can run from home, the road, or any place at all, you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to become a well-paid copywriter. It all starts with your Authentic Copy copywriting training.


So let’s do this TOGETHER!


It’s all here for you…

Authentic Copy: The Step-by-Step Guide For Learning Profitable Copywriting.


It’s absolutely achievable. It’s proven. And it WORKS.


You’ve stuck with me this far, so you must be interested in what this is all about and how you can get started.


I appreciate you’ve found value in our time together today, and I’m not about to step out of integrity and go all “hard sell” on you now.


I know you’re intelligent and discerning enough to hear “between the lines”—to feel something at a deeper, heart level and to catch the vision of what’s possible for you.


You get it.


You understand the phenomenal value this can bring to your life and YOU can bring to those you serve as a copywriter.


And you know what? You’re right!


In Authentic Copy, you’ll learn exactly what you need to embrace your freelance copywriting business, including how to grow your confidence and motivation to create success for yourself.


Your new life is literally a mouse-click away—a finger tap and it’s yours.

Now let’s get to the details on everything you’ll get in your online training:

The training is created in ten video Sessions, with complete written interactive and downloadable transcripts for each session.


Each Session includes:

  • ​Illustrated video presentation

  • Suggested training exercises

  • ​Full downloadable transcript

  • Expanded training for each session in your accompanying Guidebook



Welcome to your best life! Together we’ll build a powerful roadmap for your freelance copywriting business with your success mindset, and a clearly defined pathway for your journey to success.



What does a copywriter do? That’s a good question, and here is where you’ll find all your answers. Laying the groundwork and managing expectations with clearly defined parameters for your role as a copywriter is the important next step.


This will build clarity and confidence about what you do and why.



You’ll never get lost in your sales letters with my Anatomy of a Sales Letter training. You’ll get an entire sales letter clearly labeled with each element, so you understand the flow and pacing of a sales letter.


This Session is worth everything to you because you’ll have a systematic framework for writing this essential core copy component. You’ll quickly discover everything else you write will flow from this ONE thing: your sales letter.



Putting all the pieces together effectively is vitally important to the smooth flow of your copy.


In this Session we’ll zero in on how to quickly and easily write compelling subheads, and bullet points, while weaving in smart formatting strategies to make your copy easy to read and understand. This will instantly make your copy more conversational.



You may have crafted the most elegant, extraordinary, linguistically clever sales letter ever—but it won’t do you or your client any good if nobody buys! You want your leads to stick!


That means understanding how to leverage the power of the offer, the guarantee, and testimonials is essential! I’ll show you how to do it.



Attracting ideal prospects effectively and building an email list all starts with permission based “pull” marketing. It’s all about giving value with a clear benefit to the prospect.


And the first step is being able to write an effective opt-in. Learn three styles of opt-in with The Anatomy of an Opt-In.



We will focus on profitable strategies for writing engaging emails and the best methods for getting them automated with the Anatomy of an Email.


Plus, you’ll get my proven email samples you can use for inspiration! Don’t miss this Session! It’s an essential and profitable piece of your Digital Marketing Triple Whammy projects.



Now it’s time to create your profitable business. Discover how to consistently price, position, and promote direct response copywriting packages with your Triple Whammy marketing trifecta.


This is how you’ll start giving tremendous value to your clients, and you’ll use it over and over again. They need you! This is the “Rinse and Repeat” simple way to hit the ground running.



You’re ready! It’s time to get to work.


Now you’ll tap into proven strategies to attract and connect with your ideal clients quickly. You’ll know where to find them, what to say, and even better, how to close the deal in a natural way and get paid in advance. (Yes, you can, even as a beginner! I’ll show you how.)



Experience a personal transformation for your business and your life,

by embracing the Divine power of your “Celestial Sherpa” spiritual practice.


Here we have another dimension to the concept of Authentic Copy you’re most likely not going to find in other copywriting programs—the spiritual dimension. I consider this to be the foundational piece to the entire program. I'm not exaggerating when I say this could be life-changing for you and those you serve. 


Remember, this is meant to be a guideline that you interpret for yourself in a way that feels most authentic and aligned for YOU.



The Authentic Copy Guidebooks


These 10 individual guidebooks are worth your training investment all by themselves.


Packed from start to finish with additional training elements, specifically created for each of your Authentic Copy Sessions, you’ll find extensive samples, examples, copy swipes, additional references, and suggested training exercises.


The Guidebooks are fully capable of standing alone as valuable comprehensive copywriting trainings but work in conjunction with each of your 10 Sessions to multiply their power and expand on the concepts.

But those are just the details…what really matters are the RESULTS you can get.

  • You’ll be able to get started quickly while avoiding the painful mistakes and misfires of trying to figure it all out on your own…

  • Instead of wandering through the copywriting wilderness, getting lost and confused by the mechanics of copywriting, you’ll have a complete step-by-step blueprint to follow…

  • You’ll have me as your guide and mentor, bringing more than a decade of online copywriting experience straight to you, without you having to struggle to get started by yourself…

  • That means you’ll benefit from the mistakes of others, especially mine, instead of having to go through the grinder yourself…

  • You’ll also have the benefit of access to me in a private Facebook group, to get real-time input and advice, plus ongoing updates, additions, and tweaks to the training based on valuable feedback from your fellow students…

But that’s not all…

  • You’ll get instant access to the online training, and keep access to it for as long as you and I are both in the world and you're a member in good standing…

  • You can literally start TODAY, working through each Session, downloading your transcripts and guidebooks, going through the exercises, and participating in our private Facebook group.

  • If you’re motivated to succeed, you can complete the training and begin attracting your first paying clients in as little as 30 days…

  • That means you can potentially recoup your investment in Authentic Copy and begin making money sooner rather than later…

  • And before you know it, you can either make a tidy side hustle income for yourself, leave your 9-to-5, or make even more than you ever made from a traditional job by working at home on your own terms.

There’s more!


I mentioned this before, but let me be clear…


You’ll also have access to the Authentic Copy Interactive private Facebook group.


This is an incredibly valuable resource for you, where all the training and strategies you’ll receive in Authentic Copy get put into real-world terms in the private and secure environment of our exclusive community.


You’ll experience a wealth of benefits from being an active member of this community including…


to keep you in forward momentum…

so you’ll never be wandering alone in your journey…

so you can get answers to your most pressing questions…

within an exciting community of like-minded people who totally “get” what you’re doing…

so you’ll be excited to keep going and growing with your skills…

😎 Yep. I pop into the Facebook Group on a regular basis with ongoing training and updates, as well as answering your questions.

Now just in case you think these folks are somehow different than you, let me assure you, they’re not.


They’re regular people just like you who wanted something MORE out of life, set their course for a better income, and called the shots on HOW they work, WHEN they work, and how far they want to go with it.


So let me remind you who Authentic Copy is for:


It’s for anyone who wants to work from home, or anyplace in the world, making life-changing money doing something they love.


 If you enjoy words, like to write, can spend at least the next 30 days learning your Digital Marketing 101 Triple Whammy, and you’re willing to take action…it’s perfect for you!


And by the way…you can certainly take longer than 30 days if that works better for you. YOU get to decide, right from the beginning!


Maybe right now you’re still not sure if you can really do this or think it’s too late for you.


Hey! I’m going to remind you…

























-  I was on my own at 17.


-  I didn’t go to college.


-  I don’t have a degree. 


-  I’d never been paid to write ANYTHING in my life unless you count writing a memo as a secretary.


-  And I didn’t even know what a copywriter was or what they did until I was past 50! 



And I did it! 

Listen, I’m nothing special—I certainly didn’t have any special advantages—I lost everything, was homeless…AND my husband is blind!


So let me ask you…


If a formerly homeless woman and a blind guy can do it…what can YOU do?


So no excuses! I’ve been there…we all have challenges.  


But you really can step into power and expertise beyond what you may even realize you’re capable of right now. 


I’ll help you do it, just like I’ve helped so many others…

I have a news-editorial journalism degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia. I learned more about writing copy in the first 6 sessions of Tina Lorenz's program than the intense program I had in college. She has such passion about what she says and the authority and results to back it up that everyone needs to listen to her. Just like people listened to E.F. Hutton about finances, now they need to be listening to Tina Lorenz about marketing.


Every session is packed with valid vital content. There is no fluff. From the beginning to the end she produces facts that would take me months if not years to uncover. She has already done the homework and we're launched from her platform of knowledge. I'm not even halfway through the program and I know I have already received lots more value than what I paid for the program. It was so worth the time and money. Best training program I've ever participated in.

- Linda Ordway, Columbia, MO

I want to thank you again for creating this program. From the very first time we spoke, I knew that my life would be different.


The program has been just the launching pad I needed to catapult my ideas and visions into reality. Now I have a framework on which to hang all the ideas that have been incubating in my heart for the past two years, as I pondered what it would be like to go out on my own.


You are a unique hybrid of coach, psychologist, cheerleader, and teacher. Your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm have ignited my passion to leap into the exhilarating unknown and embark on the adventure of my life. This delivers everything I had hoped it would, and more. Thanks again, Tina.

- Heidi Hoffman, Burbank, CA

"I made $50,000 on Amazon in part because Tina Lorenz taught me the discipline of marketing. I went from being a woman who was not involved in business or marketing, to a woman who is confident earning online through different revenue streams because I’m learning how to write copy that is authentic."

- Colleen Truax

Authentic Copy: The Step-by-Step Guide For Learning Profitable Copywriting is specifically designed to rapidly boost your skills while automatically increasing your confidence in your ability to be a copywriter.  

You’ll get all the powerful tools necessary to become proficient in the skills you need and understand what your first steps should be so you can get started as quickly as possible.


At this point, you’re probably wondering what your investment will be to join this training. You may even be a little nervous about it.


You also may be wondering how you’ll even get your first client. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but don’t worry—I’m going to take care of that part too!


If you’re ready, so am I.

Remember, you’ll get ongoing access to all the training, support, and automatic updates that will help you stay current with your marketing strategies and skills. 


But as I just mentioned…I want to provide you with everything you need to get started as a copywriter…and more.


Let’s get to the MORE part right now!


With your Authentic Copy training, you’re also going to get an array of carefully chosen bonuses as well. I’m not going to heap on a pile of bonuses that do nothing but gather virtual dust on your hard drive either. 


Each of these inspired bonuses will help you overcome any lingering doubts or objections you may have. So let’s begin!

Inspired Bonus #1: ($97 Value)

11 Ways to Get Your First Copywriting Client FAST

Without a doubt, the question I get asked most frequently is this…


“How do I get copywriting clients?”


Be honest now. You were already thinking this, right? Right!


And that’s why I created this in-depth report on exactly how you can begin getting your first clients super fast.


There are 11 specific strategies you can implement. Choose your favorite and begin there, choose a few, choose them ALL…taking action is key here.


If you follow the specific instructions outlined in this report, you have a high probability of getting your first client very quickly!


That leads us to…

Inspired Bonus #2: ($147 Value)

Your Step-by-Step Guide for Profitable Email Marketing with ConvertKit

Yes. We go through a lot of intense training about email marketing in Authentic Copy. But guess what? There’s even more to learn!


I want to make sure you have everything you need, and here you have it.


You’ll learn how and why you should be using ConvertKit as your email marketing provider AND how to use it both for yourself and your clients.


By the time you go through this rich resource, you’ll be an email expert!


And that’s a very good and valuable thing to be.


Moving right along to…

Inspired Bonus #3: ($1497 Value)

10 Ways to Instantly Power Up Your Copy

This video training was part of an interview I did with my colleague Mark Stern for his online CLICKpreneur Summit.


The 10 Ways are SO easy to implement. You can literally do them in ONE day!


Listen to what Mark has to say about learning from me...

One of the attendees told me later she was able to write her entire sales letter after listening to this interview. That’s how much impact it has. Be sure to watch it and take notes too!


Still with me? Let’s keep adding more, OK?

Inspired Bonus #4: ($97 Value)

A Guided Meditation for a Soul-Inspired Life

This beautiful audio of guided meditation is from the remarkable Laura Kamm.


Laura is an absolute gem, a best-selling author, visionary, and intuitive with amazing God-given gifts to guide, inspire, and support every person she works with.


She is one of my trusted mentors, as well as a dear friend.


This gentle and inspired meditation can help you get focused and clear about your unique path for a soul-inspired life. You can return to it over and over again as part of your practice. You’ll be amazed at what you discover in this process.


Super awesome! But there’s still more…

Inspired Bonus #5: ($147 Value)

Master Your Mindset with a Morning Routine

My friend and colleague, the talented Cindy Molchany, developed this powerful morning routine.


It’s been proven that having a morning routine like this contributes to your happiness, productivity, and even achieving your goals and dreams faster.


In fact, this could be part of establishing your Celestial Sherpa practice as well.


It’s easy to do, starting with a very doable 15-30 minutes a day. Such a small amount of time to devote to something that can have such a BIG impact.


And now, for the grand finale!

Inspired Bonus #6: (Priceless)

Your “I Am A Celestial Sherpa™” Wristband

**Due to shipping considerations, at this time the wristbands are only available for students residing within the United States.

Well first of all, it’s purple. So that’s super awesome all by itself. Damaging admission: I’m kinda crazy for purple. Hair. Glasses. Nail polish...and a bunch of other stuff. Don’t judge...


But more than that, it’s a touchstone, a reminder, a talisman…to help you claim your power as a Celestial Sherpa™


This is important. Because in the chaos and distractions of daily life, it is SO easy to forget our deeper purpose and higher calling.


You’re part of the Authentic Copy family now, where we ALL take our commitment to being guides and emissaries seriously.


And…we have fun with it too! I mean…it’s purple! Powerful, fun, and infused with lots of love and light, right?


I can’t wait to send you your wristband, so you can wear it proudly. May it help inspire you to your highest purpose as a copywriter and in life.


Can you see how we’re building your success with all of this?


It’s pretty cool and extremely powerful. And the value? Off the charts.


I told you I’m known for overdelivering, right? I wasn’t kidding.


Oh, and I almost forgot! I really DID save the best for last…

Inspired Bonus #7: ($6,000+ Value)

"The Vault"

I’m not kidding about the value. Keep in mind my one-hour consultations are $2,500.


The Vault is a compilation of 48 sets of Done-For-You (DFY) notes created from 48 coaching calls with me. (I’ll let YOU do the math on what that means for total value!) 


Each set of Done-For-You notes includes:  

  • The complete coaching call video…

  • List of the topics discussed on the call…

  • Laser targeted notes of the main topics…

  •  Time stamps so you can find each topic in the video…


Here's a Peek Inside The Vault...


Here’s an example of just ONE set of DFY notes with the main topics from ONE coaching call with me…

The notes are accompanied by the original video, so you can watch it from start to finish if you prefer. You can keep your notes handy and jot down other ideas or inspirations that come to you! 

See? So easy to get valuable content the EASY way, direct from my mouth to your ears via the notes!


You’ll find just want you need on topics ranging from copy elements, to mindset, to marketing strategy and more. There are even past recordings of copy critiques you’ll learn a LOT from. They are timeless!


And here’s the thing…if you take advantage of this rich resource of coaching with me, that’s more than 48-hours of additional personalized training and coaching.


It’s all there at your fingertips, available to you anytime you need to revisit a topic or just need a brain blast of inspiration.


Do you think this just might be helpful to you as a copywriter and marketer?  


Say YES!


And because I just love surprising people and adding even more value to your experience, you’ll also find I pop into the Facebook community, with helpful comments, inspiration, and some face-to-face time with live videos.


OK then!


By now you’ve got…


Access to the entire Authentic Copy training, including 10 Video Sessions, with complete downloadable transcripts for each session, as well as a 10 accompanying Guidebooks, 11 Ways to Get Your First Copywriting Client FAST, Your Step-by-Step Guide for Profitable Email Marketing with ConvertKit, 10 Ways to Instantly Power Up Your Copy, A Guided Meditation for a Soul-Inspired Life, Master Your Mindset with A Morning Routine, your “I Am A Celestial Sherpa™” Wristband.


So Much Value!


Right about now part of you may be doing the “OMG, I want this but I’m freaking out about how much it’s going to be” thing.


Maybe you’re even sweating a little, just like I did when I discovered copywriting!


But there’s another part of you that instantly recognizes we are achieving unbelievable altitude with the amazing value you’ll get…


And then there’s the part of you who is already determined to make this happen, come heck or high water…


Clearly, this goes way past the foundational skills you need to learn copywriting. Let’s face it…I’ve spent almost an entire year and a good deal of money creating all of this for you.


It’s not easy to deliver this level of high value, plus the personal interaction you need and deserve—which is something I’m known for. But you know what? It is SO absolutely worth it!


I sincerely love every minute of it—and feel a deep connection to every student I work with. You become like family to me.


So let’s talk value. The true value of everything included in Authentic Copy is more than:



Because that’s NOT how much you’ll invest to get everything here.


But before I tell you what your investment is—and I truly think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised—maybe even shocked—let me ask you this…


If all this training did was get you started on creating a steady freelance income, so you could quit a job or didn’t have to GET a job, would it be worth it to you?


If all this did was help you pay off a mortgage so you really owned your home (instead of it owning you), would it be worth it?


If you could finally start an online business you could be proud of, that made you excellent money so you could work from home or anyplace you want, would that make it worth it to you?


If you could know for sure you could be there for all the important moments with your kids or grandkids…would that be worth it?


Or how about greeting your 50s, 60s and beyond (whether that's right around the corner or a couple of decades down the road) with excitement and anticipation because you KNOW you’ll always have enough money and TIME for a fun and secure life…would that be worth it to you?


Let’s pause here for a moment.


Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Really SEE in your heart and mind what any or ALL of this would look like for you. FEEL it through and through.


And while you breathe into it, remember this fact: the total value of what I have for you today is over $14,479.


And then open your eyes to the GOOD news!


The total enrollment investment for EVERYTHING I’ve gone over with you today is only:

You'll get ALL of this for just $2,497 $997

Your coaching program has amazing value for anyone who wants to take their business or idea to the next level. You definitely over delivered. The training is worth every penny and then some. We look forward to learning more and implementing the strategies you teach. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. May you continue to prosper.

- Randy Simmons, Kerrville, TX

Your passion for writing great copy is contagious and I appreciate your generosity in sharing so freely what took you years to develop. At first, the over-delivery was almost shocking. In a world where under delivery is the common experience, your over-delivery is above and beyond anything I have encountered! 


You really make getting into the world of writing copy a fun and exciting learning experience. The Q&A calls have been a great way to take the learning process to the next level. This is a gold mine, so packed with information it's hard to put a dollar amount on it value. I know for sure it's much more than what I paid for it!

- Kathy Garber, Kalispell, MT

Remember, you have all the potential to make your investment back with just ONE copywriting project. So the full value of your investment is staggering.


But it’s super important for you to realize that in marketing, we say what we’re going to do and we stick to it.


I operate out of integrity and authenticity. Not fake scarcity or artificial deadlines.


It only makes sense. When you make a smart decision today, you are investing in something real and valuable…yourself!


You’ll get all the skills necessary to multiply your original investment many times over.


But the one thing you can’t recapture is time.


So ask yourself—if not now, when?


Are you going to let other people’s opinions, or fear, or nervous wobbles run your life?


Or are you going to let your inner wisdom lead the way and trust yourself enough to invest in yourself?


Remember, the demand for quality copywriting will never go away. As long as we have things to sell and the internet, there is work for you. Statistics back this up, and so does my more than a decade as a copywriter.


The door to your best life is before you. There’s work out there and entrepreneurs begging for affordable copywriters to do it.


So why not YOU? And why not NOW?


One more time…

You'll get ALL of this for just $2,497 $997

If you’re ready to embrace your new life, don’t delay.



I’m super excited about what this is going to mean for YOU and your life. If you’re serious about becoming a successful copywriter, this is going to be life-changing for you.


But there’s one more thing…


Let me be very clear on this point. I only want you to do this if you are really ready to DO this and are ready to take responsibility for your own success.


If that’s YOU, I want you to… 

…IF you are committed to taking action right away, and getting started writing amazing, profitable copy for yourself or your clients. You WILL know how to do this when you go through the step-by-step training I’ve created for you.


But this won’t do you a bit of good if you download Authentic Copy and then let it sit gathering virtual dust on your computer. 


Because of that, and because this is a digital download (once you’ve got it, you’ve GOT it!) I want to be abundantly clear that there are NO refunds on Authentic Copy. 


It’s YOUR time now. And soon, you’ll have the potential to celebrate your own success story, just like this…

An important indicator of success is your ability to take decisive action in all things. Working from home doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be your bright, new, everyday reality.


Choose yourself! And I’ll be here for you every step of the way.


Together we grow and together we RISE.


I’ve really loved sharing all of this with you.


I look forward to seeing you in Authentic Copy very soon!


To your copywriting success,



Tina Lorenz

PS: So now what?


Seriously, you have to ask? Jump in with both feet and let’s DO this!

But just in case…how about some answers to questions you might have?

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does the course take to complete?

     Authentic Copy is completely self-paced, so you can take as long as you need to work through it. However, it’s designed to be able for you to go through the material and start making money in as little as 30 days.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

  • Is the market oversaturated with copywriters?

    No! Literally everything that’s sold needs some kind of copy written to make people want to buy it. As long as there are products to sell, there will need to be copywriters to help sell. The opportunities are endless.

  • Will the course teach me how to find clients?

    Absolutely! As we go through Authentic Copy together, not only do I teach you the skills needed to be a copywriter, I’ll teach you how to go out and get clients. I’m with you every step of the way.

  • Can you guarantee I will get clients after taking this course?

  • What extra materials do I need to have to take this course?

    Besides Authentic Copy, you will need a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection. And that’s it! Study just about anywhere!

  • Can I get a refund if I decide this isn’t for me?

    We do not offer any refunds on this program or any of our programs. You can read our refund policy here.



"In one month, we've been able to make an additional $25,000...based on what we've learned from her."


"My staff and I feel like Tina is magic. That is how amazing her intuition is about copy."


Jessie Jean




"Having (Tina) on my power team has been the best thing ever.


Your spiritual side helps me dive deeper into myself.


I so appreciate everything you are sharing with me."


Olga Formena



"She is crazy talented...absolutely phenomenal, and absolutely the best decision we've ever made for our copywriting.


I loved working with Tina. It was so fun!"


Kaci Brown





"Tina is amazing at what she does, and it's absolutely incredible to learn from somebody like Tina who really knows copywriting."


Emily & Jason Long

Your business insights, stellar copywriting prowess and your masterful ability to share both with your student (even a crazy Canuck lawyer like me) made for a very rewarding learning experience for me. This was my first stab at the art of copywriting. The art is in the application. Working with you has given me a glimpse of your artistry. Thank you for sharing some of it with me. And, thank you for all the time you devoted to carefully considering all of my revisions based upon your suggestions.

Bob Berman

Thanks Tina. I think these are your best letters yet — I just LOVE them!

Also — here’s an update on how the other piece is performing…

The Passion Test letter is pulling a 3.6% conversion — very cool!

Every time you write for us, I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

I want you to know that I feel truly blessed to work with you

and we think you (And your work of course!) are FANTASTIC.

Liz Thompson

Co-Founder - HealthyWealthynWise

I want to say thank you Tina I absolutely loved it when I read it. I very rarely will read anything out loud, the stuff I write and the stuff anybody else writes I usually try to do it in my head. I utilized your suggestion that night and read it to D. and I was actually crying. 

It’s kind of surprising because it’s my story and yet there were some things in there that I don’t think that I even said to you out loud that were true and resonant to how I was feeling. I feel you  

did a beautiful job and we’re thrilled.

Tara M.

I would like to thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I really appreciated your astute, insightful and constructive feedback.

Each bit of your advice increased my understanding tenfold of the lessons and certainly made a huge difference. It has been a real pleasure.

Seleon L.

Many thanks for steering me through to the end; I actually found it much harder than I thought I would ... but then learning a new skill isn't always plain sailing at the beginning.

I really appreciate your time and dedication to reading, reviewing, probing and pushing just that bit further to wring a better version out of me. I've learned a huge amount about the art of copywriting from you, and thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge along the way.

Clare B.


Thank you, Tina, for being straight forward, direct and honest. It was a pleasure to see into your word artistic world. You have a great talent.




Damian S. 

After 25 years supervising gifted copywriters at major New York advertising agencies, I believe I'm a pretty reliable judge of writing talent. Few of the men and women in my experience had the raw ability to grasp the marketing challenge, to develop appropriate advertising strategies and — above all — to create advertisements that pulled, worked, and got results as has Tina Lorenz. Whether the message calls for charm, the common touch, emotion, reducing a complex product or service to the simplicity of a saltshaker — or all of these in one mailing piece — Tina's intelligence and creativity will get it done. 


And by the way... she's a delight to work with!

- Peter Hahn, Senior Vice-President (Retired) McCaffrey & McCall, and Copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather, BBDO, Cunningham & Walsh Armonk, New York

My experience in working with Tina Lorenz in a private coaching program was life altering for me.

Having had some experience with Tina’s copywriting courses previously, I certainly knew about her history and many accomplishments within the direct marketing industry and copywriting promotions. However, I wasn’t yet aware of her ability to literally create new insights in business and life for her private clients.


Starting with a fresh landscape, and then going through a question and answer discussion session, I was given clear insights and feedback on my own business ideas.


Even more importantly, ideas and recommendations were provided in a clear, concise way, without all of the fluff and confusing clutter that is far too common in today’s marketing and consulting worlds.

With Tina’s help, my business ideas were clarified, target markets were identified and highly effective marketing campaigns were put in place.


Along the way, I also benefited from Tina’s insights on business and life, and my time working closely with her remains one of the most significant and beneficial experiences in my last 30 years of doing business.


In fact, I hope to have the opportunity of collaborating with her again to grow my business even further.


If you have that opportunity for yourself, I highly recommend you make the very wise investment to work with Tina in a private coaching arrangement.

- Troy Steine, Vancouver, Canada

Is listening a lost art? Maybe it's not lost as much as it is seldom practiced these days. Tina Lorenz is an exceptional mentor because she is an exceptional listener. I had the pleasure of working with Tina in a high-powered digital marketing group, and I loved this opportunity to learn from and work with her as I planned the launch of new business services. She absorbed my story, relished the nuance, and then dug deeper to make sure that she grasped the meaning what I was trying to convey, the circumstances of my current situation, and the big picture dream I have for my business. Tina’s creative, almost magical insight helped me discover more about myself and business and gave me a solid foundation from which to launch! If you're looking for an amazing mentor to guide you through the labyrinth of business or product/service launch, you found one with Tina.

Laura Jean Palmer-Moloney, PhD

All of the copywriting programs in the world, and all of the training on writing headlines and offers, etc. aren’t equipped to teach this. You can learn all kinds of mechanics and still be missing it when it comes to connecting to an audience on that one-on-one talking over coffee kind of intimacy that really moves people.


I am, by nature, a private, guarded person. You won’t find much personal stuff even on my personal profiles on social sites. I’m not one for a lot of inner reflection. But Tina has helped me break down those walls, even when I resisted, so I can connect with an audience on a much deeper emotional level and build relationships with my copy.


This hasn’t been an easy journey, I can be stubborn, but working with Tina... Wow! Her knowledge and determination, and especially her persistence, helped me really dig deep into my own heart, and let my writing become a reflection of that. It has opened up a whole new level of writing for me.


Thanks, so, so much, Tina!!! I really don’t think I could have done this without you!

- Kammy Thurman, Copywriter

I have spent time with your work and I must say it is great.

You certainly do finish strong, the e-mail templates “rock!

I am very pleased with your work and am looking forward to

presenting BBL Forum anew.

M. Ottestad

Los Angeles, CA

Tina, I finished the video series--it is excellent! You're a great presenter-- fun, interesting. It's rare that I whip through a video series, but this one was very engaging.

You obviously know all about good copy, but the magic is in your personal touch--coaching and cajoling, and getting to the bottom of what it takes for your students to succeed. Thank you!

Stacey Morris

Tina, superb work on our membership renewal letter! Conservatively, it performed twice as well as the old copy at retaining our paying members, which gave our business a real boost this year. 

Thank you once again for your highly creative and focused work

Niki Hignett

Web Designer, London, England

Tina, I LOVED what you wrote in the letter. A fabulous example of a slippery slide from start to finish where you snare me in a purchase at the end. I was reviewing it critically rather than as a prospect, and there was hardly a moment where I came up for breath. You've made the system more elegant and easy to absorb. I don’t know how you did it, but you really pulled out all the stops. I was absolutely blown away. I’ll be mailing it just as it is. Thank you!

Chris Payne

Managing Director - LifeTools England

I am amazed at the valuable information here. In fact, I was speechless when I first looked over the site. The instructional videos and the monthly calls are absolutely priceless. Tina, I can’t thank you enough for what you are providing here for us. Finally, things are starting to click and make sense for me, and I am full of excitement with so many ideas and possibilities. You “are” a successful copywriter, but your sincerity, generosity, and willingness to help so many, is truly a statement of “who” you are. I hope someday I can do the same.

Laura Rubenstein

New York, NY

Tina Lorenz has the intuitive gift of seeing “through” your marketing goals and products, straight to the core what you are really selling, which is always more than the obvious. Tina is unique, and truly I agree, she is a Celestial Sherpa, with the ability and sensitivity to guide you to incorporating your deeper purpose into your business. If you have the opportunity to learn from her, do it!

Laura Alden Kamm

Expert Intuitive~ Best-Selling Author