Apply now for your invitation to our exclusive, advanced training on the THREE essential components you need to ramp up your freelance copywriting business without struggling with imposter syndrome, low-fee inertia, or settling for crumbs.

Step 1: Apply now for your invitation to our exclusive, advanced training on the THREE essential components you need to ramp up your freelance copywriting business without struggling with imposter syndrome, low-fee inertia, or settling for crumbs. 


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Ready To Take Your Copywriting And Marketing Skills To The Next Level?

We help our clients understand the strategies and methodologies for marketing funnels, write all the key copy elements for a funnel, build a reliable and dynamic client acquisition protocol, and consistently attract right-fit high-ticket clients.


We’ve helped hundreds of people like you create their online copywriting business.

The Accelerated Entrepreneur is a “do it together the right way” program where we:

  • Create a reliable strategy for attracting your ideal clients…
  • Structure a systematic foundation for your online business…
  • Clarify how to write the essential elements of an online marketing funnel…
  • Certify Funnel Copywriters…

You’ll be in a group with other high caliber copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to create and launch a robust online business that literally transforms lives.


You’ll be on an accelerated path, with weekly calls, curated copywriting assignments, copy critiques, mindset training and hands-on support from our team!


We personally review and critique every one of your copy assignments, giving you feedback on everything from your potential niche market, your unique positioning and story, your self-promotions, potential client interactions, the brain science of your success mindset, and the deeper spiritual core of your business.


With our help, you will:

  • Create the essential copy elements for your business so you’re ready to show up and implement at the highest level…
  • Discover how to position your business from a perimeter of power so you are treated with respect and valued as the copywriting and marketing expert you are…
  • Design and implement a reliable client acquisition system without expensive paid ads…
  • Understand and embrace the profoundly transformational heart of your business…
  • Achieve your first (or next!)  ideal high-ticket client
  • Earn your Certification as a Funnel Copywriter!

“I quickly realized this is really possible and within 30-days I got my first paid client. I haven’t looked back I’ve just kept the momentum going. When you join, you get all the skills and learning you need, but you get Tina. It’s not just a course. It’s a lot more than that." - Elizabeth McGee

Within 4-months of joining Accelerator, I went from making more than I did after 10-years as a full-time Social Worker, working part-time as a copywriter. Tina is amazing!” - Kristin McKinzie

Halfway through Accelerator I got my first two clients in Norway and made more money as a copywriter than the investment I made in the program. Accelerator changed my life!" - Henriette Sørby

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Blessed.




The Accelerated Entrepreneur is like

no other program you’ve experienced before.


  • You'll build your business on the solid foundation of my proprietary Trinity of Belief H3 Hierarchy. This ONE thing alone will make all the difference in your business.​
  • You’ll write 10 essential elements of a marketing funnel, and get personal critiques to help you improve your copywriting skills fast…
  • You’ll have the fast-track advantage of two effective blueprints for consistently attracting your “best fit” clients, without complicated and expensive ads…
  • Need to create your website? No problem, we’ve got a fast way for you to do that too!
  • You’ll be provided with all the tools, resources, and inspiration you need to hit your personal goal for consistent robust months, starting with your first (or next!) high-ticket client!


In other words, we combine the step-by-step training, copy critiques, feedback, and mentoring you need, with an intensely dedicated level of support through weekly coaching calls, and an unwavering commitment to your success.


Even better, you’ll never be alone on your journey, as you will be surrounded and embraced by like-minded, spiritually fueled copywriters, creators and implementors in our exclusive community. That means you’ll gain momentum even faster!


The happy result is that you have everything you need to create a consistently profitable, emotionally and spiritually rewarding business, that allows you to serve your clients at the highest level…while you enjoy the abundance and prosperity you want and deserve.

In 3-months I went from being a nurse to starting my copywriting business and getting my first two clients. Tina is constantly reinforcing positive focus and stepping us away from limiting thoughts. It’s very real!" - Kim Corda

I got my investment in Accelerator off the table in 3-4 months. I work fewer hours and I make more money. I love what I’m doing so much it doesn’t feel like work! Take Tina’s coaching, listen to what she says, and utilize all the feedback you get in this program. When you apply yourself and follow Tina’s lead, you can do it. There’s no limit - Alice Crider

I made $50,000 on Amazon in part because Tina Lorenz taught me the discipline of marketing. I went from being a woman who was not involved in business or marketing, to a woman who is confident earning online through different revenue streams because I’m learning how to write copy that is authentic.”" - Colleen Truax

It all starts with taking this ONE step...

Apply for The Accelerated Entrepreneur Now!

We are so excited to see if you’re a good fit to work with us to grow your business, programs, launches, webinars, and evergreen funnels.


Whether you are a budding copywriter, an experienced copywriter who wants to gain altitude in your business, a coach, course creator, or a leader who needs to train your team, the Accelerated Entrepreneur could be the next level step you’re looking for.


Please take a moment to complete the form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you create a reliable full-time income from your online business.


Do your best to provide as much explanation as possible. This is your chance to make an impression and let us know if you would be a “right-fit” member of the Accelerated Entrepreneur mentoring program.


It is our intention and honor to create a cohesive, powerful community of people who are committed to their own success. If that’s you, we look forward to meeting you soon!

Tina’s Accelerator program was everything I wanted it to be—a rocket blast to success!  I’m writing better AND giving more value to my clients. (which allows me to charge higher fees!) The results are phenomenal. If you have a chance to work with Tina, do it! It will catapult your business to a new level of success and change you in unexpected ways.” - Elaine Hutchison

This is absolutely the best money I have ever spent on training. Tina is always present, she is always interactive, she is doing weekly Q&A’s, she is just incredible. The feedback she gave was better than any college course I ever purchased. It’s just such a blessing.” - Christene Jackson

If anyone can give you the boost that you need to stretch yourself and get you where you need to be, it’s Tina. And I say this coming from a prison warden background. Accelerator is an incredible investment in yourself and your career. It’s life-changing.” - Heather (Robertson) Malicoat

“I’m in a world of possibility now. If you want to challenge yourself, you need to jump into Accelerator.” - Karen Barnhardt

“Meeting Tina has been life-changing. Tina gave me insight into my business and has given me a path I can follow. That’s something I didn’t even know I could do, so thank you!” - Libby Aguigui Nau

“I was stuck in the mindset of scarcity. Tina has taught me how to open up my brain, and see my value, be my unique self, so that I can go out into the world and help other people be their unique selves and be more successful in their businesses. - Isabel Baldree

The blessings that have come into my life by being in Tina’s presence are profound. Not only has she helped me grow my copywriting business by the practical strategies and the marketing, she has also helped me grow as a person as far as mindset and helping spiritual entrepreneurs. - Stacia Grace

This is my first go-round with copywriting and the critiques Tina

gives are super valuable. You get a sense of 'Hey, I’m doing this right' and you get good really fast.” - Mary Mathisson

Tina is a wealth of knowledge and has such a big heart. She is all about seeing each of us succeed. The feedback on our assignments is so important, I’m very confident about what I’m learning. - Belita Lynum

The results of Tina’s program were amazing. She is one of the most gifted coaches and copywriters I have ever seen. If you want to electrify your writing, or if you need help developing your marketing skills, Tina Lorenz is the one for you. - Karen Callahan

“Just do it. Don't think. Just do it. Don't let anything get in your way of learning this skill that can hold you in good stead for the rest of your life. Learn all the things Tina teaches. - Julie Eason

Please note: We only share the experiences and comments of our real clients, but specific results shared are NOT typical. Our clients are all incredible people with an impressive work ethic, who leverage the training, their mindset, and their spiritual connection to create success for themselves.

Frankly, they’ve worked hard and pushed through their own challenges and struggles. This isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen on auto-pilot. We do not independently verify the results they share. But we DO celebrate with them!