This is a message for women who love helping others and wouldn’t mind making incredible money from it, too…


It’s Time to Transform Your Heart-Focused Desire to Help Others Into a Lucrative Online Career!


Are you ready to turn your natural talents & passion for service into actual profit? Read on!

Dear Celestial Sherpa®,


Do you ever feel like you were born to help others reach their full potential?


Like you were literally put on this planet to use everything you’ve learned in life to elevate the collective or somehow make the world a little (or a lot) better?


Or maybe like you have a special talent or skill you know others need (and kinda feel like a jerk not sharing it with more of them)?


If so, stick with me and let’s go a bit deeper. Does this sound like you?

  • You’re obsessed with the idea of helping others and would love to make a living from meaningful work–but aren’t quite sure how
  • You have a natural skill or talent you know others are willing to pay for (although right now you’re probably doing it for free)
  • You have a serious passion for a particular topic or subject, in addition to your serious passion for serving others
  • You not-so-secretly LOVE the thought of choosing EXACTLY who you work with, when you work and what you’ll get paid–instead of staring at a screen from 9-5 and grinding out mind-numbing work
  • You cringe a bit every time you hear something like, “You know, you could totally charge for this” because you know you should be, but don’t have a clue where to get started
  • You’d love to make the world a better place and make your life a little better, too

If so, right now it is time for you to…

Listen To Your Heart


If your heart and mind are whispering (or screaming) something like, “Yes, that’s me!” you’re in the right place.



Hi, I’m Tina Lorenz.

Tina Lorenz

I’m a copywriting mentor, mindset shifter, and transformational business coach.


I’ve taught thousands of women to create the online business of their dreams, so they can create greater impact and financial prosperity.


And I get it: You care so deeply about others. And if you’re completely honest, your current work situation isn’t cutting it in that department.

You’ve probably been dreaming about running an online business and making money from anywhere (doing stuff that actually matters) for far long than you’d like to admit.


But now more than ever, it feels like something you don’t just WANT to do…


You NEED To Do This!


And yet at the same time…


You have some major reservations about this whole online business (read: freelancing) gig.


Maybe you’re unsure how to get started (it seems like a lot of work to set up a snazzy website, pick a niche, and how do you actually accept payment again?)…


Or feel overwhelmed when it comes to what services you should offer & how to package your content so it sells (and where do you find people to SELL TO anyway?)…


Or you’re freaked out by all the competition and worry you’re just not expert or smart/special enough…

Either way, I’m gonna stop you right there.


Because if you truly want to serve others more than anything–and you want to feel like you’re living out your true passion every single day–it’s more possible today than ever before.


And you–more than anyone–deserve it.

It’s Time To Step Out Of The Shadows and Be SEEN!


Listen: I know freelancing (read: offering your skills & passion and helping others for a fee) gets a bad rap.

The truth, though? It’s an incredible way to start using your gifts to serve.


Think about it. Freelancing means you get to provide a service and help others entirely on your terms. 

It means you can roll two passions or interests together (like turning your passion for health with your skills for web design into a web design freelance business for the health niche).

And it means you can touch the lives of others’ in ways you’ve only dreamed about at your 9-5.


The issue?

There are just a few things you need to know first.


Because while wanting to help others is well & wonderful, your freelance career also needs to check a few other boxes to ensure it's super fun, profitable and meaningful for you– and others.


This means you need to set it up right, right from the start.


And that’s where I come in.


YES, you CAN get paid to help people and satisfy both your deep desire to make the planet a better place & your responsibility to provide for yourself or your family.


But if you want to make sure your new venture doesn’t turn into burnout (or a waste of your precious time, money and resources), you need someone to show you the way.


That’s why I’m offering a systematized, step-by-step training that’ll take you through EVERYTHING you need to set up for the foundation for your online freelancing business–from choosing the perfect niche and clients to packaging and pricing.



The Divine Equation®


The Divine Equation® is a one-year coaching program, specifically created to help you grow into your power and profitability.

During the first three months, we will focus on an intense training program including VELOCITY…

  • Session One: Getting Your Head In The Game


    • 7 essential ingredients to your market research. (NOTE: If you don’t know these key steps BEFORE you begin marketing, you could be in for a rude awakening when it’s too late!)
    • What you MUST do before you write even one word. Ignore this at your own peril!
    • How to gain clarity on your products so you can create moneymakers instead of duds. (Sounds obvious but far too many marketers ignore this key step.)
    • “Nothing But the Facts.” Easy ways to build credibility and social proof to increase sales conversions. (Even fun with powerful numbers—but no math skills required!)
    • The fine art of “swiping”—No, it’s not about plagiarizing or ripping anyone off—you DO need to know what to “steal” and HOW to do it elegantly, so your copy is original, compelling, and profitable. You can even start by swiping from ME! 
  • Session Two: Their Voice. Their Language. Their Needs.


    • The three vital keys to connecting with your prospects. HINT: It’s more than just the copy—once you do this, you’ll capture their attention and trust with amazing results!
    • Hard-Selling vs. Selling Hard. There is an important difference, and THIS is how you make marketing breakthroughs that will grow your business.
    • How to easily incorporate personality types into your marketing. When you speak to one you speak to all—but you must strike the right balance if you want to draw your
    • “crowd” to you like bees to honey. And guess what? Hardly anyone knows how to do this (but YOU will!)

    • Powerful strategies to crawl into your prospect’s heads so effectively they’ll think you’re psychic! (FACT: This one thing will immediately put your marketing miles ahead of your competition.)
  • Session Three: Making YOU and Your Message Stand Out


    • How to “reel in” your prospects by getting to the heart of what they REALLY want. (First rule: Don’t assume or guess…ever!)
    • The power of words and creating an emotional experience. (HINT: Your word choices can trigger either a positive or negative response—don’t turn your clients off accidentally. Turn them ON instead.)
    • How to easily overcome silent barriers standing between you and your prospects. (You’ll become a master of this technique faster than you might imagine!)
    • 7 steps for developing shockingly powerful pinpoint persuasion. (WARNING: This is not about manipulation! Only use these muscular strategies for ethical marketing.)
    • Headline Brain Blast: Surprisingly fast techniques for developing compelling headlines.
    • Tina’s Headline Bonanza: Twelve pages crammed with proven headlines from my campaigns. Swipe them to create enticing headlines for YOUR campaigns!
  • Session Four: The Rules of the Road


    • Why the use of metaphors (stories!) can increase your sales. (FACT: Research has proven stories embed information more deeply into the reader’s brain. And THAT is good for your business!)
    • How to tell stories without put your prospects to sleep. You’ll discover why stories are so powerful—and how to strike the right balance with them in your marketing. HINT: Don’t overdo it!
    • Strategic Formatting: YES, there is a method to your madness! From headlines to subheads to bullets--simple but effective tips for formatting your copy to increase readability and conversions.
    • Bullet Basics. No guns required—this is ALL about the strategic use of short “bites” of copy to trigger curiosity, excitement, and the mad desire to BUY your product or services.
    • Subhead Secrets of a Frank Kern Blockbuster. I’ll take you inside the evergreen version of the Mass Control sales letter I wrote for Frank—and show you how strategic formatting and the rhythm of subheads increased his sales.
  • Session Five: The Offer


    • Hey, guess what? It’s time to SELL the darn thing! The art of dissecting your offer and establishing a smooth flow to the sale.
    • FACT: “She or He Who Diagnoses Gets To Prescribe The Cure.” And the doctor’s in the house! How to “mind read” your way to a perfectly irresistible offer for your prospects.
    • The “science” of your offer. Your simple-to-follow “formula” for incorporating the essential steps of a crystal-clear offer. (HINT: This isn’t the time for erratic creativity—this is the time for precision—and I’ll show you how to get there.)
    • Inside Frank Kern’s Mass Control Offer. I’ll show you how to take a complex offer and turn it into a smooth-as-butter slide to the sale.
    • More Tina Swipe Files! You’ll get another real-life example with one of my killer offers—step-by-step guidance with a wealth of awesome bullets for you to model.
  • Session Six: Sales Funnels 101


    • The Parts & Pieces of a Sales Funnel. From the opt-in to video scripts to sales letters—we’ll cover it all.
    • Taming The Google Monster: Essentials you must know to keep Google happy with your landing page—critical to your success if you plan to use Google pay-per-click in your marketing.
    • Proven designs for your opt-in pages. My opt-in pages have been known to get as much as an 80% opt-in rate! These easy to implement design strategies can increase your conversions.
    • Key elements to remember to speak to the four main personality types. Easy to follow checklists for personality type priorities will make your job even easier—remember hardly anyone is doing this and you’ll be miles ahead when YOU do.
    • Resources, resources, resources. How to go the extra mile with your marketing funnel—and increase your sales.
  • Session Seven: The Nuts & Bolts of Email Marketing


    • The surprising truth about the value of email. You may be shocked when you realize how powerful this is, even in this day of social media.
    • How to build your business with email marketing. (FACT: If you aren’t doing this, you are leaving money on the table!)
    • 13 Essential Steps To Getting Your Email Delivered. Critical issues you must know if you want your email to actually get delivered and read. You simply can’t afford to be in the dark on this.
    • Tina’s Hot List: Words can be weapons, especially these days. You may be dumbfounded when you realize what common every-day words can get you tangled up in a spam filter.
    • Seven Keys for Writing Effective Email Copy. Simple to implement but very strategic—and incredibly effective.
    • Special Bonus Report: This downloadable PDF bonus report takes you step-by-step through exactly how to use ConvertKit to make money with email marketing (NOTE: You can use these tips with almost ANY email management system!)
  • Session Eight: The Anatomy of a Multi-Million Dollar Launch


    • $1.55 MILLION In 10 Days? Yes! For the first time ever, I’ll take you inside the winning strategies I use to write million dollar launches!
    • The Top 8 Things You Must Know Before You Launch. Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of thinking you can throw a launch together or create an entire business off of launches. Know the facts before you begin. (WARNING: Some gurus might not like this—but I tell it like it is.)
    • 5 Essentials To Keep In Mind During A Launch. Go in unprepared and you’ll likely get knocked on your butt in a big hurry. Don’t take one step into a launch without THIS.
    • Top 10 Most Common Launch Mistakes (and how to avoid them!) Sound scary? Well yes, it CAN be—that’s why you need to be awake and aware all the way through a launch!
    • Should I even DO a launch? Sure! You can make a ton of money—but know the trends and stay on top of your game the RIGHT way—the way I’ll show you in The Divine Equation®.
    • Launch Strategies that WORK like crazy! The sequence that can take you from zero to hero—it’s all right here in The Divine Equation®.
    • Launch Secrets—Modeling Success. This is where it gets super juicy! Because I’m going to break down THE most essential aspects of a successful launch—the Opt-In Pages and the Emails. I’ll show you exactly how I get as high as an 80% opt-in rate—and 57% click-throughs on emails.
    • Tina’s Amazing Launch Email Swipe File! Yep, I’m going to give you a ton of actual launch emails-literally worth millions of dollars in revenue. Pay close attention and DO it, just like this. (This is an $8,000 Value)

PLUS, as if that weren’t enough--even more SURPRISE BONUSES await you inside The Divine Equation® elite coaching!


There simply isn’t any question…


The Divine Equation® Delivers!


Just like ALL of my programs, you’ll find yourself immersed in top quality training that is transformational.


Take a look at what some of my students have to say…


If you are truly committed to your own success, I urge you take action immediately. Because the other life-changing fact is…


I’m Practically GIVING This Away!


Now if you were on the workshop with me, you may recall I asked you to speak with me on the phone if you were interested in taking advantage of this pretty darned crazy value.


Honestly, a few folks I’ve shared this with are stunned at the enormity of this opportunity, asking…


“Why On Earth Are You Doing This?”


It’s really very simple.


The blessings I have been given literally changed my life. It’s not an exaggeration to say they even SAVED my life.


For a long time now, I’ve wanted to step up to really give you something profoundly life-changing. To “pay it forward” by sharing specific knowledge and skills that can quickly give you a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and financial security. So, I ask you…


What Better Time To Share Gratitude Than NOW?


I decided to give you the most powerful launchpad I could, by dramatically discounting these programs to an unbelievably reasonable investment, so nothing holds you back.


You see, I realized after the workshop that I’d made two mistakes. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but it’s the truth…


  1. Many of you feel shy about actually talking to me on the phone. Frankly, at first that surprised me. But then I realized that you might have assumed something about the level of investment for this much value—and think it was not possible for you. As you will soon see I’ve done everything I can to assure it IS possible for you!


  1. In my joy of sharing this with you, I also realized that after two solid hours of brain melting usable marketing content—you just couldn’t take in the enormity of what I’ve got for you here!


So, I realized I needed to let you absorb it all THIS way. Now you can go through each component and see for yourself exactly what you are being invited to partake of.


Here’s the thing. I’m pretty well known for teaching people just like you how to command high fees and leverage their products and services from a place of leveraged value.


I absolutely know firsthand what this can mean for your business.


But there are times, very special moments like this…that you just want to GIVE something back to those you know need it the most.


This Is One Of Those Very Special Moments


So please, take a few minutes to go through this letter. And while you do, please let that inner guidance system we all have access to, speak to you.


LISTEN To Your Heart. Let Spirit Lead The Way


See for yourself the astounding level of value I am offering you. Listen to what your heart and spirit are telling you.


If you feel that inner confirmation that this IS a golden opportunity for you, don’t wait.


Be Courageous


Have the courage to take the next step and begin the next chapter of your life that can truly lead to tremendous transformation.


So, let’s get to it so you don’t get left behind!



Here’s What Can Happen

 When You Follow Your Heart &

Leverage The Skills I’ll Teach You


  • Your confidence will soar…
  • You will easily attract more prosperity into our life…
  • Your connection to those you serve will deepen…
  • You will help more people who your unique genius…
  • You will finally step into your power…
  • And live the life you were meant for!


You’re Also Going To Get…


1) The Authentic-Copy Interactive:

($2497 Value)



Wondering If It’s Worth It? Read On…

Tina, I finished the video series--it is excellent! You're a great presenter-- fun, interesting. It's rare that I whip through a video series, but this one was very engaging.


You obviously know all about good copy, but the magic is in your personal touch--coaching and cajoling, and getting to the bottom of what it takes for your students to succeed. Thank you!

 ~Stacey Morris—New York, NY

I’ve just finished Module 6 of your Interactive Copywriting Program and it was an AMAZING experience! I want to thank you for the education. It was worth the investment and so much more. I’m now creating a new business and lifestyle for myself.

 ~Troy Stein--Vancouver BC Canada


And We’ve Only Just Begun!


Just in case you’re still wondering if it’s worth it, take a look at what some recent “Velocifiers” have to say...

"I have a news-editorial journalism degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia. I learned more about editing copy in the first 6 modules of Tina Lorenz's program than the intense program I had in college. She has such passion about what she says and the authority and results to back it up that everyone needs to listen to her. Just like people listened to E.F. Hutton about finances, now they need to be listening to Tina Lorenz about marketing.


Every session is packed with valid vital content. There is no fluff. From the beginning to end she produces facts that would take me months if not years to uncover. She has already done the homework and we're launched from her platform of knowledge. I'm not even halfway through the program and I know I have already received lots more value than what I paid for the program. It was so worth the time and money. Best training program I've ever participated in." 

~Linda Ordway  - Columbia, Missouri

The Velocity training has been an absolute revelation!

 ~Nick Try, Hertfordshire, England

I want to thank you again for creating the Velocity program. From the very first time we spoke, I knew that my life would be different.


The program has been just the launching pad I needed to catapult my ideas and visions into reality.  Now I have a framework on which to hang all the ideas that have been incubating in my heart for the past two years, as I pondered what it would be like to go out on my own.  


You are a unique hybrid of coach, psychologist, cheerleader, and teacher.  Your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm have ignited my passion to leap into the exhilarating unknown and embark on the adventure of my life.  Velocity delivers everything I had hoped it would, and more. Thanks again, Tina. 

 ~Heidi Hoffman, Burbank, CA

And we’re not done yet—The Divine Equation® is usually a $30,000 coaching program. But hang on, because you won’t invest anywhere near that today for your elite coaching—PLUS you’re going to get even MORE!


So, let’s keep going with…


THREE More Spectacular BONUS GIFTS!


Spectacular Bonus Gift #1:


Tina Lorenz’ Passion2Profits:
Making Money From What You Know

($997 Value)

  • Discover how to start a membership site in 48-hours or less—It’s surprisingly easy with NO tech skills required!
  • Access to my Private Membership site with 58-weekly training modules delivered one per week as downloadable PDF’s.
  • Easy to implement step-by-step instructions
  • Work at your own pace & create sustainable income.
  • Simple weekly action steps to keep you on track
  • Get started fast—and then build your membership even stronger week by week.
  • Create multiple revenue streams quickly & easily.
  • Turn “what you know”—hobbies, interests, expertise, and experience–into money. How cool is that? Very. 😃

Spectacular Bonus Gift #2:


Your “3 or More in 30 or Less” Training

($497 Value)


This step-by-step training will show you precisely how to see and LEVERAGE the hidden gold in your business.


Not only can you make as much as $10,000 in ONE month with these strategies, you can ethically build your business even bigger in a very scalable and sustainable way.


Your training will include juicy templates, detailed checklists, actionable scripts and reliable blueprints you can easily use to magnetize your ideal clients to your business or services within 30-days.


Once you experience the enormous success coming your way, you’ll be hooked for good on these powerful systems and strategies!


This is only for those who quite frankly, have the courage to invest in themselves. I’m not handing out the download of the recording of this call to anyone else.


The recording is more than two solid hours of actionable marketing, mindset, and SUCCESS content you can put to use immediately.


You’ll be able to capture every step of FOUR profitable ways to begin attracting at least 3 clients within 30-days—so you can start doing it right NOW.


Remember, as part of this special offer, you will get even MORE when you access the “3 or More In 30 or Less” Training Program. However, because I want you to be able to absorb and IMPLEMENT the training you’ll be getting in manageable stages, you’ll get the entire program during month four.


SUPER Spectacular Bonus Gift #3:


You’re Invited to Attend My Money Breakthrough LIVE Event in Tucson, Arizona in 2022!

($2,500 Value)


There’s no question, this is the most totally AWESOME super spectacular bonus gift I have ever created—and you should be all about grabbing onto this one like a termite with lockjaw.


I’ve been planning the specific training for this event for more than a year, and it’s going to be earthshaking, life changing, soul stirring, and financially EXPLOSIVE for you!


You Will Be Forever Changed

 In The Most Profoundly Powerful Way


You very likely have never experienced anything like what I have in store for you.


If you don’t do this for any other reason, get on board today for THIS!


It’s that important—and I cannot WAIT to meet you there and share it with you.


OK So Did YOU Do The Math?


The total value of these components is quite literally $14,491.


But—you aren’t going to invest anything even CLOSE to that.


You Can Get Started With ALL Of This For 

An Incredibly Smart Investment of Only…



As celebrity financial advisor and penny pincher extraordinaire Suze Orman would say, ”Are you KIDDING me?”

Nope. I’m totally serious. And Yep. That’s it.


Like I said—I am practically GIVING this away, especially when you consider I put at least $40,000 into creating The Divine Equation™ program. And as you will soon see, it was worth every penny.


I’m known for being straight forward, and at this point I have to say this very plainly. Keep in mind I say this with love as I ask you to thoughtfully consider the implications of NOT taking decisive action.  




This Is The Absolute Truth


If you are still struggling to hit your first six figures and do not immediately recognize the phenomenal value this for YOU, I sincerely wish you well as you continue to try building a business on blood, sweat, and lots and lots of tears.


If you have achieved your first six figures but are stuck trying to figure out how you’ll break that invisible but oh so oppressive MONEY ceiling you keep bumping up against…again, I wish you tons of luck trying to experience a breakthrough transformation on your own.


On the other hand…


  • If you are WISE enough to see and recognize a fabulous opportunity being handed to you with open arms…
  • You have that inner knowing that you would LOVE to work with me…
  • You understand that achieving YOUR transformational potential is worth sacrificing for if necessary…
  • And you are EXCITED to join me in this incredibly transformational journey to fulfillment...


Here’s What To Expect When You Invest Today


1. You will have instant access to the Authentic-Copy Interactive Copywriting Program.


Start there. Give yourself a few weeks to go through the videos and the accompanying workbook. Get familiar with the foundation of what I call your “Marketing 101” components of how to easily write a sales letter, opt-in, and emails. 


Keep in mind you can begin using these skills immediately to increase your earning potential! You instantly know what to say to prospects, and how to advise them, just with these three components.


2. You will also have instant access to the first several modules of the Passion2Profits training. This is such a sweet and easy income accelerator for you. All you have to do is follow the consistent, easy action steps, and you can easily build additional revenue streams from this training. There are NO tech skills required either.


3. Then, we rock it out together! We will start The Divine Equation™ Velocity program. Each week you’ll have one new module of training to complete, with some very doable action steps that help flood your training even deeper into your DNA. 


I highly recommend you go through your workbook with each module. Then, each week, we will also have a live Q&A call specific to that week’s training, or any of the preceding weekly modules. 


You’ll have a way to easily submit questions or copy elements you want to discuss before our calls, plus you can chime in on the calls for any other questions you may have.


4. You’ll also have instant access to your “3 Or More in 30 or Less” Training, with all the accompanying downloads, templates, sample scripts and checklists. 


This is where you’ll get all the juicy details of how to get anywhere from 3 to 10 high quality clients within 30-days. Keep in mind the strategies are something you can implement to increase your income practically at will—over and over again.


5. And then comes the icing on the cake! In 2022, you will be invited to my Money Breakthrough LIVE Event in Tucson, Arizona. This is going to a fabulous time to celebrate your successes AND get your money MOJO tuned up to CELESTIAL levels! This one thing alone is worth EVERYTHING to your future success and a life of financial freedom.​


I fully understand you want to be sure this is a smart investment to make, even at this crazily ridiculous bargain.


And I only want to work with people who are THRILLED with what they are getting, begin implementing what they are learning, and see rock solid RESULTS for themselves.


So now let’s talk about commitment.


“SEE It. DO It. LOVE It. Absolute Commitment Policy”


This is super important, because we have a no-refund policy for ALL of our programs.


Here’s why…


The Divine Equation™ is a non-refundable investment in YOURSELF. It is a relationship-building training between you and…


Money. Transformation. Success.

Your Full Potential.


My team and I have thought long and hard on this. Meditated, marinated, and manifested.


And what we all knew through and through, is this what was best for YOU, and for us as well.


We only want to work with you if you are fully committed to your own success, and willing to do the work.


You have to be willing to show up, participate, and push through your comfort zone to achieve the greatness within you.


The Divine Equation® is a year-long coaching program. And we DO have an option for 3rd party funding as well, for very affordable monthly installments.


But this isn’t a “cancel culture” option. It’s a commitment. It’s a safe place for you to learn and grow, with a supportive group cohort for the transformational work we do.


That’s why it is important that you ONLY join with us, if you are 100% dedicated to your personal growth and impact.


Because it is ALL here for you.


What I Have Seen Time And Again Is This…


  • If you zero in on even ONE strategy I shared on the workshop recording…
  • And you make even ONE tweak to how you are writing copy right now from what I give you in the Interactive…
  • If you are willing to take action and dissolve limitations…
  • You could make your investment back BEFORE you even complete your journey through The Divine Equation®


It really is that achievable, and that reliably consistent IF you are willing to step up and take action.


So Let’s Get Started TOGETHER Now!


Keep in mind–my clients routinely pay $1,500 for just ONE hour of my time.


With the weekly webinars and Q&A calls, YOU are going to get FIFTY hours of my time and more—because when we do the live Q&A calls, I’ll stay with you until the last question is answered.


It’s pretty simple math: 50 x $1,500 = $75,000 (at least!) just for your live Q&A coaching calls!


But your investment is just $5,000 for an entire year!


But I have to tell you I always honor my commitments. And that means…


I Will Never Do ALL Of This

At This Low Level Of Investment Again


I will NOT offer this entire training at this price again, especially with personal access to me each week, or the addition of the “3 or More in 30 Or Less” Training—I have never included it in any of my trainings until today.


Also, 4th quarter of 2021, I will be launching new extremely high-end mentoring and coaching programs. Direct access to me will start at $25,000.


But because YOU are one of my valued subscribers, I am offering ALL of this to you for the next 48-hours, for only $5.000


Oh, and there’s one more thing—remember…


You will also get that FREE ticket to my 2022 event!


I am SO excited about this event. I can assure you, you will never have experienced anything like it. At this event, you will focus on making the most profound money breakthroughs of your life.


Believe me you do NOT want to miss this! It’s going to be life changing and MONEY multiplying for you.


This one thing alone is worth everything. Now it is time for YOU to take action.


The Time To Step Into Your Brilliance Is NOW


The potential for you is UNLIMITED—and the window of opportunity will close QUICKLY.


So trust your heart—follow your inner guidance system—and give yourself the gift of BELIEVING in yourself by INVESTING in yourself.


To your brilliant success,

Tina Lorenz,

Your Mentor and Guide


P.S. I have never offered such a substantial discount on my personal coaching, especially with these added bonuses AND an easy installment plan through 3rd party funding.



P.P.S. I want to make this achievable for you—but you will not see this offer again, so think very carefully before passing up this opportunity.  Grab this incredible savings and “success multiplier” while you can.